Important Information

Interested in Delta Sigma Phi's Policies? Check out the important information below:

Delta Sigma Phi is a lifelong brotherhood, and we invite you to consider being a part.

Recruitment Chair Information: Please fill out our contact form or reach out to to express interest in Delta Sigma Phi - Gamma Zeta chapter at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Our Recruitment Committee will reach out to you with an updated list of events and opportunities. 

Requirements for joining: Full time student at Rutgers University, and at least a second semester freshman.

GPA Requirements:  Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA

New Member Fees: $416 as of Fall 2017 *subject to change by semester




Membership Expectations: 

Members of Delta Sigma Phi aim to be The Better Man, meaning that we will be men of courage who act with passion and commit to excellence.

All members are expected adhere to the Fraternity’s policies and participate in the Fraternity’s prevention education initiatives.”

Delta Sigma Phi’s Risk Management Philosophy states that:

Delta Sigma Phi is dedicated to the Fraternity’s aim to ever convince the world of the sincerity of our purpose, and to promoting members’ ability to be Men of Courage, Men of Action, and Men of Excellence.

The Fraternity does not condone sexual violence, hazing acts, or the illegal use and abuse of alcohol and other drugsas such acts can threaten our core purpose.

Delta Sigma Phi is committed to continually reinforcing basic expectations of membership and actively managing our organizational risk through education initiatives and prudent discipline.

Want to learn more? Visit our National Policies and Prevention pages.

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Alcohol Policy : 

Alcohol Free Housing

In 2001, the Delta Sigma Phi took the bold step to initiate its Alcohol Free Housing Policy. This means that, “Alcohol may not be present at any time on a property owned, rented or otherwise used as chapter or new chapter facilities.”

Chapters interested in obtaining an exemption to this policy should work with their respective Alumni Corporation Boards to apply for a waiver. Most chapters are eligible for a waiver to the policy if they meet the following criteria:

  • The chapter participates in educational programming that reviews (a) the Delta Sigma Phi Risk Management Policy, (b) the physiological effects of alcohol use, and (c) the legal and liability issues surrounding alcohol use.
  • The chapter has exceeded the undergraduate all-men’s grade point average from the previous academic term.
  • The chapter has no IFC (or equivalent), university or Fraternity risk management violations for the previous 12 months.
  • The chapter has a zero balance due to the Headquarters at the time of application.

Want to learn more? Visit our National Policies and Prevention pages.

Hazing Policy:

The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of discriminating, harassing or abusive behavior on the part of
its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions, activities, or events, whether
on chapter premises or an off-site location, that are demeaning or offensive, including but not limited to verbal
harassment, psychological or physical abuse, unwanted sexual advances, and any form of sexual assault and/or
The employment or use of strippers, exotic dancers, or similar, whether professional or amateur, at a fraternity
event as defined in this policy is prohibited.

Want to learn more? Visit our National Policies and Prevention pages.