As an individual we are weak. As a fraternity we are strong.

A Delta Sig acts with purpose. Those around you will hear what you say; and see what you do—your deeds, feats, and accomplishments. Being a Brother does not simply mean wearing our letters, saying our motto, or flashing your membership badge every chance you get. A Delta Sig is defined by the action that he takes to ensure a better world around him.

Delta Sigma Phi is a lifelong brotherhood, and we invite you to consider being a part.

Our fraternity has played a historic role in the Greek community from as early as 1899. Each and every year we are proud to say that we have created and accomplished many goals. The Rutgers Gamma Zeta Chapter is involved with many activities both locally on campus and on a national scale across the country. We facilitate, host, and attend functions ranging from community service events to intramural to formal festivities. From semester to semester we are always looking for the future leaders of our chapter, our campus, and our community. Greek Life is an experience that each brother of our organization looks forward to. Come find out for yourself why Delta Sigma Phi is an unforgettable, unbreakable, and lifelong Brotherhood.